How to register your students

Once you have logged in to the site, go your dashboard, where you will see the option to “CREATE CLASS“. When you click on that it will ask you to create a registration link, which you can share with your students.

The registration process takes just under 10 minutes. It asks students what username they’d like, for a password, and an email (if they don’t have an email it can be left blank).

You need to:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to your dashboard –
  3. Click on CREATE CLASS
  4. Enter a class name
  5. Confrim and consent if your students are over or under 16 years old
  7. Copy the URL you create and send it to your students for them to create their accounts.
  8. Your students should fill in the registration questions
  9. Students can login and start chatting and asking questions!

The CHAT session will start at your booked time on the live CHAT page.

Once registered, students can also use their accounts anytime to send in questions through the ASK section.


Your dashboard:

When you click on ‘CREATE CLASS’

The registration form your student fills in – which you are welcome to also do, if you’re curious about how students see the site