The Circle Zone Awards!

It’s been a brilliant 7 weeks, with fantastic conversations in the live chats and brilliant questions in Ask.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the mathematicians, students, and teachers who’ve taken part.

Overall Mathematician Winner

Sarah Brown!

Congratulations! The students chose Sarah Brown as the overall winner of the Circle Zone!

🏆 Class of 2020 Awards 🏆

We also want to recognise some of the fantastic schools, teachers and class groups who have taken part across all the zones. The school will win a certificate and a voucher.

These special awards go to…

Cross-Curricular Award: Mrs MacLeod, St. Bridget’s Primary and Nursery School
for booking 14 chats across 9 different zones!

Social Media Award: Denny High School
for sharing their I’m a Scientist experience across social media!

Teacher CPD Award: Mrs Watkins, St. John Payne Catholic School
for asking fantastic questions in the Summer Zone!

Inquisitive Class Award: Ms Vestey, Kingsmead Academy
for posting nearly 100 fantastic questions in Ask!

School Engagement Award: Mr Hampshire, Bournemouth School
for having the highest number of students in one chat – 86!

Influencer Award: Petchey Academy
for ten teachers signed up from the same school!

Chattiest School Award: Chatsmore School
for taking part in 21 live chats!

Encouraging Teacher Award: Ms Doran, Liverpool College
for showing great encouragement to students, to continue asking questions and voting!

Keep chatting with scientists this summer!

Live chats in the Summer Zone continue during July and August.

Join us at 11:30am each weekday for open chats on a whole variety of topics.

Open to all – scientists, students, families and teachers are all welcome to drop in.


I’m a Scientist is On Demand in the autumn term!

Every four weeks from September to December, a new zone with new scientists will open, keeping it fresh and exciting for everyone.

Teachers: Apply now to take part

Scientists: Apply now to take part


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